Where should I start?

To prevent medication overuse headache, stick to the ‘10-20 rule’:


Do not use headache medications or special migraine drugs on more than 10 days per month.


At least 20 days every month should be drug-free.

  • Keep a record of your medication use

    Keep a record of your medication use

    Keep track of your medication by making a note every time you use headache medicines. Record your medication use in a calendar or use the medication counter in the Prevent-headache.org app.

  • Consult a physician

    Consult a physician

    If you are already experiencing medication overuse headache, contact a doctor immediately.

Discover your headache type

Migraine, tension-type headache and medication overuse headache are by far the most common types of headache. Take the Quick Headache Quiz to discover if your headache is one of those three types.